About The Aramaic Bible Society

God bless you. Welcome to the official site of The Aramaic Bible Society, Inc., the nonprofit organization founded by George M. Lamsa on November 30, 1943.

Mission. The Aramaic Bible Society, Inc.’s mission is to encourage Aramaic Scripture study and the translation of the Aramaic Scriptures into other languages.

Integral to the organizatiion’s mission is to facilitating the consideration Lamsa’s The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts side-by-side with other modern versions.

The organization has produced an electronic edition of “The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts” (a.k.a. the Lamsa Bible) and holds nonexclusive display rights of that electronic edition.

To read it, visit TheBible.org and download TheBible.org Study App.

About the Founder. George M. Lamsa (1892-1975) founded the Aramaic Bible Society in 1943. A native Assyrian, he was born and raised in that part of the ancient bibilcal land from which Abraham migrated to Palestine. His people, because they were isolated for many centuries, preserved the Aramaic language and the ancient biblical customs which have disappeared everywhere else. The language and the manners and the customs of his people were almost identical with that in which Jesus and his contemporaries were raised. His family, from the days of the patriarchs to 1918, lived a simple pastoral life. He grew up hearing idoms and parables, some of which would be difficult for those not born in such a culture to understand. Lamsa began his study of the Scriptures in Aramaic under the teachers of his tribe. Then he was educated in the Archbishop of Canterbury’s College in Persia and Turkey. After World War I, he attended the Virginia Theological Seminar in Alexandria, Virgina. In addition to being a translator, Lamsa was a world traveler and lecturer. His translation from Aramaic and comments on the Scriptures stirred up tremendous interest around the globe. He helped many to a better understanding of the greatest books of all, the Holy Scriptures.

Publications. The Aramaic Bible Society does not operate a bookstore. However, you’ll find Lamsa’s works at sites such as Amazon and Alibris.

Permissions. Currently, HarperOne owns the rights to the Lamsa Bible. If you’d like to request permission to include the Lamsa Bible in your publication, click here to begin the permissions process.

Organizational Note. The Aramaic Bible Society, Inc. is a nonprofit organization; in the US, donations made to it are tax deductible.

How to Contact. Write to us in care of: support at thebible.org

Or write to The Aramaic Bible Society, Inc., PO Box 2382, Los Gatos, CA 95031-2382 USA